Gladish Community and Cultural Center



Gladish Community and Cultural Center provides our region with options for programs working in community development, education possibilities for all ages (infant through the end of life), wellness, performing arts, visual arts, athletics, small business development, civic engagement, celebrations, memorials, concerts, weddings, youth programs and more. Without this Gladish building, hundreds of groups and thousands of individuals would need to find other venues to house their programs. Other venues are often inaccessible due to cost. The Friends of Gladish offers affordable venue and lease options. Partnership opportunities offer exchange agreements for meeting venue needs of non-profit and service groups. Current partners include the Pullman Fire Department, Pullman Police Department, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Pullman YCMA, 4-H groups, Pullman Kiwanis, Graham Ballet Academy, American Legion Post 52, and P.E.O. Chapters, to name a few. This 103,000 square foot building is a true asset to the Palouse Region. The current chair of the City of Pullman Historic Preservation Commission recently wrote in a letter to the Friends of Gladish Board of Directors, "the collegiate Gothic style Gladish building is one of Pullman's most historic assets." When entering this building, one experiences a sense of being in a time from the past. There is a vibrant ambiance that emits and evokes quality; a solid structure, secure in what once was a bustling high school and now, still bustling and full of hope, bursts with energy through continuing community involvement from people who continue to care. Communities benefit from experiencing historic places. This historic place continues to generate vitality through the programs offered here.
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