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We are currently working with the Lapwai Elementary School After School program. We meet every Wednesday at 300 or so to provide activities for approximately 30 4th and 5th graders from the "After School Program" We have arts and crafts activities, canoe carving and paddle making, beadwork, and education on current Environmental issues. We have sandwiches and food every session. Youth are primarily enrolled Nez Perce or other tribes and non-Tribal members. Come volunteer at our fun events!!!

Nimiipuu is the English translation for “the people” which is one amongst many names the Nez Perce call ourselves. And- protecting the environment of our traditional lands was the common commitment that brought us together.
We began organizing a number of years ago as a volunteer group concerned about protecting our traditional rights and lands. Then, after the Exxon Mobil Megaloads protests by our tribal members in 2013, we began to meet on a regular basis.
By networking with some First Nations friends near the Tar Sands, we had the opportunity to meet and receive financial support from the Seventh Generation Fund. With their seed funding, we began working on ways to educate and inform our tribal membership about the Tar Sands and other areas at risk. We began meeting, organizing activities and events on the reservation, and offering public interest group activities at area colleges/universities.

Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment is committed to protect Tribal Treaty rights within our original ceded area and usual and accustomed places.

​Our Mission

We exist to carry on time-honored sustainable environmental practices in the tradition of the Nimiipuu by facilitating and organizing individuals in group activities for the protection, enhancement, and promotion of mother earth.

 Our Vision

Our vision is that the Nimiipuu and community members live, work, play, and pray, in an environment which sustains such activities and leaves as light a foot-print for the protection of the environment and future generations.

Our Work

To protect our Treaty areas and

To educate the tribal members and youth on current environmental issues.

To develop leaders in the environmental area for the next generation.

To promote activism within our tribes and To empower tribal members on effecting change.

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