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We have deep roots on the Palouse, having first begun collecting garbage over 60 years ago, in 1966. The early years were a true grassroots program.  This is our community and we give back by the service we provide, the partnerships we create, and the programs we support.

Latah Sanitation, Inc. began doing business as Moscow Recycling in 1984, providing equipment and operations for a full-service recycling center under contract with the City of Moscow, who owns the facility. Moscow Recycling currently accepts over twenty categories of recyclable materials at a 24-hour drop-off station, and also pays for selected materials through a buy-back service. Curbside recycling service has been in effect since September 1995.  

In 1993 Latah Sanitation, Inc. developed a proposal to the City of Moscow for joint funding of the Waste Reduction Education Program, coordinated by a full-time educator.  This county-wide public education program encourages waste reduction, recycling, composting and the safe disposal of hazardous waste. The program targets audiences in the household, business and youth communities through a twice-yearly county-wide newsletter, presentations, public tours, displays, and announcements in community newsletters, local newspapers, and radio.

Together we can make a difference.

Together with the City of Moscow, we have succeeded in developing some very innovative resource management programs through a public/private partnership.

Sustainable Development Goals
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