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The Latah Trail Foundation (LTF) was founded in the spring of 1998, by a handful of people with a vision for safe, non-motorized transportation and recreation along the former Moscow-Arrow rail line. The group quickly organized itself and developed a common mission as stated below.  
To preserve the historic Moscow-Arrow railroad corridor for non-motorized recreational and transportation uses for Latah County, its residents and visitors, and to provide Latah County and its communities with support to provide this physical connection to their past and open an avenue for their future.
The LTF initially focused on one aspect of their vision, a path between the cities of Moscow and Troy. The LTF gathered tremendous support for building this safe and scenic off-the-highway paved route that is used by pedestrians, bikers, rollerbladers, walkers, runners, wheel-chair operators and cross-country skiers.  LTF volunteers helped to gather more than 1,700 signatures on a petition supporting a bicycle/pedestrian path between Moscow and Troy. The petition was instrumental in capturing the attention of Latah County, which took the lead in making the path a reality. The groundswell of local support also helped to convince the Idaho Transportation Department to get behind the project. Today, the Latah Trail is a tremendous success, enjoyed by local residents and visitors.
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