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HOPE Center




The HOPE Center is a local thrift store that funds The HOPE at Work Non-Profit Program.

Both the store and the program rely on the support of the community through their donations, volunteer hours, patronage, and financial support.

Our program works with adult community members who are struggling to gain or retain employment. We work with the participants in the program to identify and overcome the barriers that are keeping them from long term, stable, employment.

Additionally, The HOPE Center partners with emergency services on the Palouse to provide vouchers for those in need in our community. Vouchers can be exchanged for items sold in the store. We provide everything from clothing and shoes, to mattresses and other furniture to those who can't afford them. Over $10,000 is donated each year to the community through our Voucher Grant Program.

When you volunteer with the HOPE Center you are engaging with and serving your community. Please consider shopping, donating, and volunteering at The HOPE Center!

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